Kitchen Countertops

We offer two choices as a starting point for your kitchen countertops: granite and quartz. Each stone offers different benefits and finishes, so we can deliver the countertops that match your taste, style and needs of the most demanding family life or workplace.



Vanity Tops and Jacuzzi Surrounds

Enhance the look of your bathroom by choozing granite or quatz for your vanity top. With it's light reflecting qualities even the smallest of spaces will appear more appealing and larger in size.


Fireplace Surrounds

Our stone fireplaces are designed and made to fit your home exactly, so we will measure and advise you on the best look, fit and style to complement the existing room or planned redesign. We work with the following stones: limestone, granite and slate.


Commercial Applications

Stone surfaces from Bulgari Granite are ideal for commercial use, adding colour and sophistication to restaurants, offices, building exteriors, public restrooms and more.

The wide variety of granite and quartz surfaces that we stock ensures that, no matter what kind of look or feel you want your commercial space to have, we have the perfect stone for your needs.


Outdoor Kitchens

Granite and Quartz are ideal choice for countertops for your outdoor kitchen, Because stone is a natural product it has great weather resistance qualities that are hard to match with any other product. At Bulgari Granite we offer great selection of countertop edge choices to complement overall design of your outdoor kitchen, 


Custom Fabrication

At Bulgari Granite we aim to turn all of your ideas into reality. We have many offcuts and rminant pieces in stock that we can turn into shower seats, tabletops, steps, sills, window sills and more. We also sell our offcuts and remnant pieces for your own projects. The stock and availability is always changing so visit our shop and we will find the perfect stone for you.