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Renovation Services

Kitchen Renovations

Right at the start we will help you to choose the best materials, after we will follow with a full installation from specialists from BULGARI Renovations, with particular attention to detail.

Before starting Ottawa kitchen renovation we will design it for you and make sure you will like the product after Home Improvement. The idea is to understand the finish product at the end and picture where the appliances will be, how easy it will be to cook and to have access to things.

At Bulgari Renovations we have a kitchen desgner with over 15 years of experience to take your project from a vision to reality! 


11 - Kitchen
17 - Master Bathroom, Bath & Shower
Bathroom Renovations

f you are looking for a good bathroom contractor, BULGARI Renovations specialists will work with you on the project you have in mind. We combine high quality with affordable prices.

Whether we are remodelling whole bathroom, adding a new one or just giving it a special look, our work will exceed your expectations. We always finish on time and your price will be easy to afford.


Basement Renovations

There are several factors to consider when remodeling or renovating a basement. Homeowner trying to do all the job by himself may find it confusing and devastating. BULGARI Renovations will renovate your basement for affordable price and explain in details the whole process of renovation or remodelling in Ottawa.

Our specialists have been over 10 years in basement remodelling and renovation business. BULGARI Renovations will give you a free estimate on your project and will help come to a convenient and effective decision on your remodelling or renovation project.


Finished Basement
Foundation and Masonry Repair

At BULGARI Renovations we understand that the foundation is the most critical part of any building. Foundation damage can lead to a host of costly expenses (insect problems, structural damage, poor air quality, etc.) if not repaired promptly and accurately. Severe foundation issues can significantly reduce the value of your home by up to 25 percent.

That’s why it pays to hire the foundation repair specialists at BULGARI Renovations. We’ll assess your foundation and recommend a solution that takes care of your specific issue, whether we need to perform basement foundation crack repairs or address structural repair concerns.


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